Henden 20kw Inverter Heat Pump Package

The perfect heating solution to have you swimming year-round in your Plungie. 
This heat pump is recommended for the Plungie Max and Plungie Original when installed in cooler climates for year round swimming. 
Our heating solutions include an inverter heat pump and MJ Pump Control Box which allows for an all-in-one system for autonomous control of the heat pumps in line with the filtration system. The system can be controlled via a smartphone app and ensures fully automatic heat demand with the heat pump able to run outside of filtration hours set by sanitation timers. 
Please note, the package does not include electrical provisioning and requires hard wiring by a licensed professional. Heating requirements are dependant upon pool size and location. 
  • Price    $5,915
  • Inverter heat pump
  • MJ Control Box
  • Delivery from your nearest Reece distributor
  • Price does not include installation
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