Plungie Construction Cover


Including a Plungie as part of a building project?

Include a Construction Cover (rated to AS Standard 225kg SWL) pre-fitted to your Plungie, direct from our factory!

Not only will the Construction Cover save you hundreds of dollars from having to hire this externally, the construction cover will protect the internal of your Plungie and allow your builder and associated trades to work confidently on top and around your Plungie for the period of your project.

Plungie strongly recommends including this option if your Plungie will remain unfilled for any extended period OR if your project will require trades working in close proximity to your pool.

Yet another solution, making Plungie even easier and more cost effective to include as part of your building project!

**Trade Discounts available - ask your builder to give us a call

  • Arena  $1,500 RRP
  • Studio  $1,000 RRP
  • Original  $1,500 RRP
  • Max  $2,000 RRP
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