your Plungie.

One thing we’re really proud of is our ability to supply cost-effective concrete pools with the fastest lead time, anywhere in Australia. 

Our patented, innovative design, engineering and manufacturing processes are responsible for the majority of this ability, but you also help by adhering to our ordering process and payment terms. 

To help us plan, manufacture and finish your Plungie to your specification, as well as schedule its delivery, our ordering process and payment terms are as follows: 

1. Formal quote issued

As part of your enquiry process, Plungie HQ will provide you with a formal quote for the supply, delivery, and any associated plumb-up service for your preferred Plungie model, equipment package, and any add-ons or modifications. 

Plungie HQ formal quotes are valid for up to 30 days only from the date of issuance unless otherwise specified in writing by Plungie HQ, such as during limited time promotions.   

2. Sales order / proforma invoice issued - quote accepted

Upon your acceptance of your formal quote, we will issue you with a Proforma Invoice. This will contain the confirmed quote details in invoice format. 

At this stage, we will require:

  • Confirmation of your accepted quote details 
  • Confirmation of your chosen internal ecoFINISH colour choice
  • A tentative date of requirement/delivery

Please note your pro-forma invoice will be valid for 7 days only, pending receipt of deposit. 

3. Deposit paid - order confirmed 

At time of sales order issuance we require a 30% deposit to confirm the order.

Without payment of your deposit, we will not allocate your order to our production queue against your preferred date of dispatch. 

Upon receipt of your deposit, the production of your chosen Plungie model will then be scheduled with our factory based on the tentative date of requirement, advised at your time of order. 

It is important that you keep us informed of your project's progress to avoid any potential delays, which may affect your tentative date of shipping. 

As you can imagine, a Plungie takes up a fair bit of space and on any given day, we have upwards of 500+ open orders at the deposit paid stage. Because of this, we don't physically allocate orders against stock nor finish them to their order specification (internal ecoFinish colour and/or any modifications) until just prior to their scheduled delivery date. This firm physical allocation of an order does not occur until your order is locked in at the balance paid stage and your firm date of delivery is booked with Plungie HQ.  

Failure to pay your deposit within 7 days of sales order issue will trigger your  sales order to be cancelled. At this point  your order will revert back to quote status.

As such your preferred dispatch date will not longer be allocated against your order and current pricing and supply lead times would then apply to your order at time of new quote acceptance and sales order issuance. 

**Please note the maximum amount of time that Plungie can hold an open order for is 120 days from date of deposit. Failure to proceed with order within this time frame will result in the order being cancelled and deposit refunded. 

5. Balance paid - order locked

30 days prior to your tentative date of requirement, the 70% balance of your invoice will be due for payment.

We require your balance to be paid 30 days prior to your tentative date as this allows us the required time to complete the following key actions, specific to your order:

  • Allocate your specific order to your chosen Plungie’s shell production queue
  • Plan and complete the finishing of the pool to your specification requirements, including:
    • Finish the internal to your chosen ecoFinish colour
    • Complete any modifications to your shell
  • Raise the product and delivery work order for any add-ons chosen in your order
  • Schedule and book the delivery of your Plungie

At this stage, it’s important that you confirm a formal date of delivery to complete these order actions accurately. 

This also allows you sufficient time to ensure that your site is ready for delivery and crane hire is booked and ready for the arrival of your pool. 

PLEASE NOTE: If your balance payment is not received within 30 days of your originally advised tentative date of dispatch (indicated at time of order placement) we will be unable to hold this slot for you. As such the allocation of your order within our production schedule will lapse and current supply lead times (on the date of lapse) will then apply. 

6. Equipment package fulfilment

The fulfilment of your equipment packages (if selected), are all facilitated through Plungie's third parties. 

Upon receipt of your balance payment, we will formally raise an order for your equipment supply and delivery.  


7. Delivery date confirmed

After we receive your balance payment we’ll communicate regularly with you to ensure that your project is running on time and that your formal date of delivery is remaining as scheduled.

Communication is key - so please keep us informed of any changes to your delivery date that may arise. 

Whilst we try and remain as flexible as we can, we must have your formal date and time of delivery requirements fully locked within 14 days of this date.

Any changes to your dispatch date within this 14 day period will attract a $1000 fee. 

Any cancellation and refund request of your order within this 14 day period will also attract a 10% of invoice value cancellation fee. 

8. Ready for dispatch

We will confirm with you just prior to your dispatch date that your Plungie order is now ready for dispatch, re-confirming your delivery date and time with you and your builder/installer. 

9. Dispatched / in-transit

Upon dispatch, you will receive a final tax invoice confirming your order has been paid in full and the formal dispatch of your order. 

10. Order received

Upon arrival and unloading, the driver will require a signature from an authorised site representative (either you or your builder/installer) to confirm receipt of your Plungie.