Top 10 FAQ's

Who, are we?

Plungie is an Australian Plunge Pool manufacturer, constructing factory made, Ready To Swim, prefabricated, precast concrete Plunge Pools, that are supplied directly to your home, nationwide, ready for crane installation.

We have combined our experience in designing and manufacturing award products, to build the most highly engineered, prefabricated precast concrete swimming pools on the market.

Can your Plunge Pools be installed at different heights in the ground?

Yes, our Plunge Pools have been engineered with patented design features, which result in the strongest prefabricated, precast concrete swimming pool on the market. They can be installed fully inground, or fully above ground give you flexible installation, and fencing options.

Do you sell direct to the public?

We recommend that you purchase your Plunge Pool directly through one of our authorised installers. This allows you to get the most value through a combined supply and installed price. This will also have your project running smoothly, and help you navigate council and state swimming pool requirements.

You can purchase direct from our website for a supply only Plunge Pool that will be delivered direct to your door, if you are going to be making alternative installation arrangements.

How is your concrete Plunge Pool shell made?

By combining advanced concrete technology, with a patented, pretensioned steel reinforcing method that is highly engineered, and fully welded. Our unique exclusive technology achieves the strongest prefabricated, precast concrete Plunge Pool shell on the market.

How do you construct your benches?

The Plunge Pool Company has developed a patented, monolithic poured bench design. What does this mean? Our benches are a part of a single, engineered structure which is much stronger than a bench that is simply epoxied or glued into place, or poured as a secondary process.

This is important from a structural strength point of view. We don’t recommend the use of epoxy and adhesives to secure a bench that can weight anywhere above 500kg, or post drilling bench construction, which can cause undetected cracking in the pool shell.

We have the strongest bench construction in the prefabricated, precast concrete class of plunge pools, and our warranty reflects this.

What is your warranty period?

We offer a 10-year structural warranty and a 10-year pro rata interior warranty.

Do your Plunge Pools have a hydrostatic valve as a standard inclusion?

Yes, without a hydrostatic valve, ground water can damage the structure of a pool shell. A hydrostatic valve is much more effective in protecting the pool shell from damage, than other methods such as “anti-flotation” bars.

The Plunge Pool Company is committed to exceeding industry best practice, and all our Plunge Pools have a hydrostatic valve included as part of our standard inclusions.

Will a crane be able to gain access to my yard to install my Plunge Pool?

Although every yard and site are different, there are a lot of options when it comes to craning your Plunge Pool into place. We have designed our Plunge Pools with lifting in mind and all reputable crane companies offer a free site inspection, and quotation. Our authorised installers can help with a site-specific solution.