The Plunge Pool Company - manufacturer of the fastest, easiest and highest quality pre-cast concrete pool solution in the world, including the Plungie Max - the world's largest monolithic pre-cast concrete swimming pool, has now partnered with Poolwerx - Australia’s largest and most trusted name is pool equipment retail, service and pool maintenance, understanding that just having the market leading solution for a premium concrete plunge pool, goes beyond the pool itself.

A healthy pool needs the right filtration equipment, professionally curated and installed by a trusted, certified pool technician.

Who better than Poolwerx!

With an impressive national reach spanning over 350 defined territories, you are never too far away from trusted pool advice, service support and solutions, from your local Poolwerx team.

This is why we have partnered with Poolwerx to curate the supply, delivery and installation of a standard equipment package, which is ideal to ensure the ongoing health of your Plungie!

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This partnership enables us to offer every Plungie customer an optional equipment package, stacked full of value, that not only takes the worry out of wondering “what else do I need” but also gives you, our customer, our national buying power for your equipment package due to you national relationship with Poolwerx!

How good is that!



    Value at $3,815! This Poolwerx Equipment package can be added to your Plungie order for just $3,000!


       Pump Filter


      INSNRG Si200 Single Speed Pump INSNRG Ci100 Cartridge Filter INSNRG Xi Mineral/Salt Chlorinator Link coming soon.
      Valued at $842 Valued at $798 Valued at $1,595
        • Standard installation/plumb up services of your standard equipment package by your local Poolwerx team - a service valued at $500! 

      This service includes the plumb up and installation of your Poolwerx Equipment package in a location within a 5m radius of your Plungie location.

      Additional plumbing can be completed at a cost of $40/m - specific requirements can be discussed and planned with your local Poolwerx rep.

      Service includes all materials required including standard pipework and valves.

      Service does not include provisioning of certified electrical requirements - please note that standard equipment package will require access to two (2) standard 10 amp general power outlets (GPO’s) -  your local Poolwerx representative may be able to refer you to a preferred trade qualified electrician to assist you with this requirement.

      Client must have suitable location assigned and prepared to accommodate equipment, such as a concrete platform, prior to Poolwerx plumbing up equipment - the typical allowance for footprint of the standard equipment package is a 1m x 0.5m slab (please note if media filter or heat pump are added to the system, a larger area may be required for set up equipment - please discuss requirements with Poolwerx)

      Any additions, upgrades or swap out from the standard Poolwerx Equipment Package will attract additional costs for plumb up and start up services.

      Plumb up Service does not include any earthworks, including digging of trenches required for running plumbing lines.

      Start Up Service of your pool - your local Poolwerx team will assist you with the start up of your pool to get it running perfectly from first swim. This service is valued at $80

      Please note that standard start up service does note include start up chemicals. 

      You can choose your preferred start up chemicals for your pool of which Poolwerx offer a great range of options across chlorine, salt and mineral options.

      TOTAL INCLUDED VALUE OF OVER $3,815 FOR JUST $3,000 (SAVE $815!)

      We are very excited to be able to offer such an incredible package of products and service fulfilled by the experts in all things healthy pools at such an incredible price!

      We are particularly proud of the inclusion of the plumb up service within the optional Poolwerx Equipment Package. By including this installation service of your equipment, you can tick off an important step in your overall Plungie installation process immediately, knowing the install and plumb of your equipment package is in the hands of your local, trusted, professional pool technician, at Poolwerx. GET A DELIVERY QUOTE