The Plunge Pool Company takes the concrete pool industry to the next level.

By deconstructing and reengineering the concrete pool building process, we’ve not only vastly streamlined both production and on-site build times, we’ve also increased quality and eliminated waste. We are passionate about reducing costs and unnecessary waste, while also delivering a superior product.


Proven Quality & Reliability

Factory Crafted in an ISO 9001 facility and purposefully built for precast concrete swimming pools, The Plunge Pool Company has eliminated the scattergun approach of spraying concrete around your backyard. Our controlled factory environment allows us to produce a proven, tested concrete product that is regularly performance tested by NATA approved laboratories. You are now getting a proven, tested product that provides a level of trust above the traditional nod and wink approach.



Reduced Waste = Reduced Cost

The Plunge Pool Company takes a measured approach to every gram of material used. Through our use of world class lean manufacturing software and our tested and proven engineering processes, we achieve world class, lean engineered solutions. In other words, our product pricing is not padded with extra, wasted materials that end up scattered through your back yard.  You get more value for your dollar with our measured, factory controlled approach.



Move forward or get left behind

An example we offer is the adoption of prefabricated roof trusses into the building industry 30 years ago. At the time, the traditional builders and naysayers said it would never work, they were happy with their traditional “stick” building methods. The problem was, that the stick building method was outdated, and time consuming. The extra time was billed to you, the customer. Now there was a smarter, faster time to build.

The new prefabricated trusses were delivered to site pre constructed, ready to be craned into place. The result was the roof was completed much quicker, with a proved design that ticked all the engineering requirements for building. Now 30 years later imagine getting a quote to build a house without prefabricated roof trusses? Even house builders will tell you that this is the quickest and most cost effective way to build a house. 

Fast forward 30 years and it is our mission to bring this smarter, more cost effective way of construction, to the pool building industry.




The Plunge Pool Company offers instant, transparent pricing that helps you make a decision quicker, and on your terms. We simply want to give you instant swimming pool information that will help you find the perfect fitting swimming pool for your backyard.