For us, our product development started when we wanted to install a  swimming pool in our own home that was practical, stylish and value adding. We were committed to making a smart choice. This raised more questions than answers about the types of swimming pools available, and our own smart, personal lifestyle choices.

Like most people looking for a swimming pool, we looked at all the available options that were presently in the market place.

Above Ground Vinyl 

Reinforced Concrete

Fibre Glass

Although the Above Ground Vinyl option has an attractive price point and installation time, (we also love the option of potentially taking the pool with us when we move if we wanted), the negative equity that it would add to our home quickly put a line through this option straight away. Remember, we wanted to be smart about adding style and value to our lifestyle. 

Next, we analysed the Concrete swimming pool options. This is a truly customisable option which is built from scratch, on your site. This had us spraying lines on the ground, marking out every available square metre, and doing imaginary laps in our own suburban dam. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Some serious questions needed to be asked of ourselves. Did we really need to take up every available square metre of our small back yard? Am I really going to punch out a couple of kilometres every morning in my new suburban dam? Did we want the pool to dominate our landscape and crowd out our available open space?  We have been accused of lacking subtly in our decision making in the past. This time, we were going to be smart.

The premium look and feel of a concrete pool was attractive. We made the smart decision to scale back our swimming pool size requirements. We come to the realisation that we wanted our new pool to be a part of our landscape, not the dominating feature. The multiple interior and finishing options are definitely an advantage, as is the extra bench and step options. We might have decided to settle on a more practical size, but knowing we could still add our individual stamp on the design with the interior finish, and a nice bench to sit and relax on was a big plus. We were looking to add a level of contour to our landscape which would work well with out of ground concrete pool option.

The sticking point was that the lead time is still extremely long with an in place built concrete pool. It also seemed an inefficient way of building in this modern age. How many times would the builder need to drive to my site over the 12 week build? I’m sure we would pay for this travel time in our final price and I know that our yard would be more than a little worse for wear for 3 months or more. The builder doesn’t want to be caught short, so we knew there would be a bit extra in the quotation for this way of building. Remember that we the customer should be capturing the most value; not the pool builder. After all, it is our yard, and our lifestyle, and we are committed to making the smart purchase.

The third and last option, or what was the last option at the time, was the fibreglass swimming pool segment. The fibreglass range is limited to the available mould shapes, which was not a concern for us as we had already scaled back out grandiose design plans. Nice fitting pool, in a nice fitting space was the order of the day. The fast installation and limited impact of our yard was a very attractive feature with this type of swimming pool. 

Because fibreglass swimming pools are a factory designed and manufactured product, the materials and manufacturing process can be measured and controlled. This gives reliable leads times (No rain delays inside a manufacturing facility) and a reduced, more accurate price point.

But we didn’t quite get the premium feel from the fibreglass swimming pool options. A plastic, cheap feel was our main concern, and lack of interior options felt limiting. Heating of the fibreglass shell by the sun made us wonder if we would be able to really cool off on the really hot days. What would this also mean if I wanted a pool heater? We were no closer than when we started.

Even though we had narrowed down the size of pool we wanted, we were still unsure of the construction material, concrete or fibreglass, both had pros and cons.

We listed the pros of each again

Above Ground Vinyl Swimming Pools

  • Low price point
  • Short lead time
  • “Removable fixture”

Concrete Swimming Pools

  • Premium product
  • Interior finish options
  • Bench options
  • Attractive out of ground option

Fibreglass Pools

  • Short lead time
  • Fast installation
  • Less impact/damage to our yard
  • Factory controlled moulded product
  • Lower price point

Wouldn’t it be good to have all of the above pros, wrapped up in one product?

This got us thinking... We are from an Engineering, Fabrication and Construction background. We have worked on solutions involving concrete, steel and plastics. We have an international product sourcing network. We bring products to market. We can share value. We can do this, and we did.

Cue our Ready To Swim Pool collection