Plungie Australia is the exclusive manufacturer of the Plungie® range of prefabricated, precast concrete plunge pools, that is delivered to your site Australia wide, ready to swim.

The Plungie® is designed to be the easiest, fastest and most cost effective above ground concrete swimming pool on the market, that can be set all the way in the ground on a flat block as an in-ground plunge pool, or semi above the ground as a perfect pre-engineered solution for a sloping block.

Manufactured in a controlled, ISO accredited facility, the Plungie® has been designed and manufactured with advanced manufacturing principles, which has resulted in a reduction to the Plunge Pool cost compared to other out of ground concrete swimming pools.

Through our smart design and functionality, the Plungie® has all the benefits of a small pool combined with the advantages of a delivered, prefabricated ready to swim pool. This means the pool now becomes the easiest part of your project and you can focus on your style and your swimming pool surrounds, that best suit your landscape.

The combination of smart design, and advanced manufacturing principles allows Plungie Australia to be able to produce a plunge pool, that can be rapidly installed as a very cost effective in-ground or above-ground concrete swimming pool.

Our Plungie® is the responsible choice, it’s the smart choice, it’s all you need.

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