Pools are now part of the great Aussie dream

The great Aussie dream was once a quarter acre block with a house in the suburbs.  

But these days buyers want more, with the word pool now appearing in 44% of all keyword searches on realestate.com.au/buy.

 Popular keywords
Granny Flat


Waterfront and views are the next most popular phrases potential buyers use when searching listings.

The data covers searches on realestate.com.au/buy for a 12-month period from August 2015 until the end of July 2016.

Want one of these at your place? You aren’t alone. Picture: Melissa Di Meglio


When the results are broken down by states, the word pool remains the most popular keyword search term in all territories except for Tasmania.

Although swimming pools are popular, there are a number of other popular features of a home that appear in search data. 

Nationally, 13% of people searching using keywords were looking for something on the waterfront, 10% for views and 8% for a granny flat

Pool is a popular keyword that buyers use when searching realestate.com.au/buy.


There are also some regional differences with people searching for certain characteristics in different states.

While pools are part of the Australian dream, it would appear that our beaches are not so popular.

In Queensland, people are far more likely to want a shed or a granny flat than to live near a beach.

Aussies love to visit the beach but not necessarily live near one.


Granny flats take precedence over being near a beach in NSW, the Northern Territory and South Australia as well.

Sheds are popular in warmer states, particularly Queensland, the NT and Western Australia, whereas in other states, there is a preference for garages instead of sheds.

Victorians, on the other hand, don’t want sheds – they quite like to live in a warehouse and have a courtyard.

Tasmanians don’t much want sheds either but would quite like a house that is historic. 

Historic houses are desirable among Tasmanian residents


In South Australia, houses on corners appear to be popular.

Earlier this year, realestate.com.au/news revealed the configuration of the ideal Australian home is a four-bedroom property with two bathrooms and two car parks on a 665 sqm block.

The ideal home came from looking at the preferred price point, block size, number of bedrooms and other features that buyers nationwide seek out on realestate.com.au/buy.

A pool, views, being on the waterfront and possibly a granny flat can now be added to that list, based on this keyword data.

Source: www.realestate.com.au/news/pools-now-part-great-aussie-dream