New Hire Announcement: James Murphy, Sales & Marketing Manager

The Plunge Pool Company continues to change the swimming pool industry. 

Leading on from their highly successful, revolutionary launch of the Plungie™, the Plunge Pool Company has recently partnered with National Sales and Marketing Manager, James Murphy to continue driving change in the way swimming pools are purchased and installed across Australia.

James brings significant consumer sales and marketing experience from within the outdoor lifestyle industry to the Plungie™ team. James has a genuine passion and energy for creating a great customer experience around a brand and a unique ability to identify unique distribution opportunities. Combining James’s proven growth strategies and a great product like Plungie™, will be a powerful recipe for success.

James is looking forward to helping the Plunge Pool Company team bring the best plunge pool solution to the Australian market through the building and development of a great network of Plungie™ partners which he identifies as including direct-to-consumer, retailers, home builders and developers, landscapers and other  installation service partners.

On welcoming James to the Plunge Pool Company, General Manager Ben Petersen said he is extremely excited on what this means for people looking to improve their outdoor lifestyle, with a Plungie™. “Our customers are very well educated on why the Plungie™ is the best designed, highest quality Plunge Pool on the market. James will help partner our smart customers, with a smart network of nation wide installers, that will see the Plungie™ in more outdoor living areas across Australia”.

If you are interested in the Plungie™ for your own projects or are keen to partner with the Plunge Pool Company as a sales, marketing or service partner, why not call and say g'day to James today. 

Phone: 0407648742