How Much Does a Plunge Pool Cost?

The answer given usually goes something like, “Well it depends on…”.

While it’s true that it does depend on a few factors, the overall value and success of your project will be increased by asking yourself a slightly different question.

How much should I spend on my Plunge Pool project?

We have highlighted the key word project because the outcome of including a Plunge Pool in your home, should achieve two major goals. Increase the value appeal of your property by increasing the lifestyle that people can enjoy in your home. The lifestyle that you provide for your friends and family (and potential future buyers of your property) is greatly increased when a concrete Plunge Pool is a part of an outdoor entertaining area that compliments your property. Your project goes beyond just the swimming pool. It includes your pool surrounds and access areas that will amplify your existing properties features. For many people, just looking out at their newly installed concrete Plunge Pool and freshly landscaped surrounds, brings instant lifestyle to their lives.

To achieve this sweet spot of increased lifestyle and increased home appeal, it’s important to run the numbers to ensure you budget beyond the Plunge Pool installation and complete your investment, without over capitalising. This is where you can quickly do a snapshot of what your property is valued at and what your budget rule of thumb should be. This sets you up for long term success to complete your Plunge Pool project, (including surrounds and landscaping) to a standard that will secure both increased lifestyle for our friends and family, while also increasing the appeal of your property.

So, what is the magic number? Many of our customers (which include house flippers) have hit the sweet spot and have achieved amazing outcomes by spending 7.5% of their property valuation to complete their total project, including pool and completed fencing and landscaped surrounds. Certain sites may demand a slightly increased budget to achieve the desire result, but a ceiling figure of 10% should be considered to reduce the risk of over capitalising with your swimming pool project.

Of course, the name of the game is to achieve more bang for your buck. The good news is, this is very achievable with the Plungie™ range of precast concrete swimming pools that can be rapidly installed and used for both practical and premium results Australia wide now matter what style of property you have.

Starting with a Plungie™ as the anchor product in your project will give you the best chance of achieving the best outcome. With models starting from just $13,990, including free filtration package and plumb up - with Plungie™ you are controlling many of the variables left to chance with building a pool the traditional way and freeing up budget to ensure your overall outdoor lifestyle project is finished to an amazing standard.

How does your swimming pool project stack up as a percentage?

Do the numbers and you will be amazed at what you can achieve with a Plungie™.

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