Your Guide To Getting your Plungie in days, not months!

December 16, 2021
fast delivered pools

At Plungie we are proud to offer Australia’s fastest concrete pool solution. There are some things you should know so that we can live up to our claim and you can get your pool in days, not months. Here’s how it works.

Stage 1: Planning

The key to any successful project is careful and considered planning. Making sure that the required trades are arranged, and more importantly, show up, is something that a builder can manage on behalf of the homeowner. There are some key stages of development that can happen in quick succession with the right planning to reduce the amount of time on site, labour costs and return your backyard to a usable state faster.


Stage 2: Site excavation

Once the relevant council and building approvals are in place, the first stage (and most exciting) when it comes to actually getting your Plungie is digging the hole. This can normally be achieved within a single day and is arranged and managed by your builder (not Plungie).


Stage 3: Footing established

Your Plungie will sit on an engineered concrete pad in the same way that most houses are constructed. A geotechnical report of your site conducted at the planning phase will dictate the specifications of the foundation required. Plungie will supply the relevant engineering materials to your builder so that the correct footing can be created for your project.


Stage 4: Delivery and installation of your Plungie

Your Plungie is delivered directly from our purpose-made factory to your site via semi-trailer. A crane is required on arrival to lift your Plungie from the street and place it directly onto your footing. The crane requirements will vary depending on your site and lifting information is provided from Plungie for your builder to arrange the best option. Once placed on your footing it’s there for life!

Unlike traditional concrete pool construction, your Plungie does not require weeks on-site to cure. The inside of your Plungie will be finished in ecoFinish which protects and seals your pool to give it its colour. Your Plungie will arrive complete and ready to plug and play.


Stage 5: Plumbing, finishing and certification

Your Plungie arrives with the skimmer box and plumbing access points cast into the shell. A plumber or pool technician will be required to connect a pump, filter and chlorinator to make sure the health of your water is maintained (Salt v Magnesium?). You can purchase a system from Plungie, or source another option from your own preferred supplier. Again, your builder will be able to arrange this process on your behalf.


Your builder will also be required to manage your finishing like waterline or coping tiles, fencing, decking and final certification. They will be there for every step of your journey and Plungie is here to support them with all the information they need.


And that’s how you do it! With the right planning, the process from digging to final finishing and certification can be undertaken on consecutive days. Our revolutionary process means your backyard is out of action for the shortest possible amount of time allowing you to swim and enjoy your new Plungie faster!


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