You might have noticed some changes...

September 3, 2020
Plungie Original pool with new Plungie logo overlayed

September is here...

Do you know what that means? 

Spring has officially sprung, the weather is warming and things are feeling fresh. You might have even noticed a freshness to The Plunge Pool Company.

We’re a young company who in a short time, has undoubtedly made a big impact on Australia’s pool industry. We took the plunge, dived in headfirst and we’re making waves (😂💦 how good are water references).

We knew we were doing something right when customers started asking their builders for a Plungie - not simply a plunge pool by The Plunge Pool Company.

We were becoming more than just a pool company. We were becoming a brand. Which is exactly why we’re taking things up a level 

Introducing Plungie. The Plunge Pool Company you know and love, just a little fresher, a little bolder and a little more summer. ☀️☀️

During this time when friends and family have become more important than ever, we’re committed to helping bring people together. Because that’s what a pool can do, right? Bring people together. 

And in the spirit of bringing people together, we've braved international waters, so to speak, and will be launching Plungie in the USA over the Labor Day weekend 

In the coming months you’ll continue to see our new brand roll out - new logo, new website, new imagery – all powered by a refreshed way forward. We're so excited to share the journey with you.