Plungie; The centre piece for Plot’s latest Architectural extension.

April 5, 2022

It’s not often you see a weatherboard post war home in the suburbs of Brisbane retained while adding an expansive extension and outdoor entertaining space with a pool. That was the brief for Architect Julie Lawrence from Plot Architecture alongside builders Ultibuilt. The owners wanted to keep the charm and character of the original dwelling while fusing with modern yet timeless architecture made Plungie the perfect pool for the job.

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With the existing house level being built up off the ground, there were several factors to consider when trying to create a seamless flow from inside to out. Plungie was able to solve the dilemma around the pool by delivering a pre cast and pre finished product which meant the builder was able to avoid additional labor, time and expense in forming up and constructing a pool onsite. Traditionally, to have the raised living level tie in with the top of pool has been incredibly cost prohibitive. With Plungie all the hard work has been done in factory for you - this style of execution is where the product can really add huge value.

We previously documented the installation of this Plungie in the very early stages of the build with Ultibuild threading the needle between existing properties to make it happen. With installation sorted major construction could continue around the pool already sitting in pride of place. Bill from Ultibuild said “I was blown away with how easy it was to get the pool in, it really fast tracked the initial site works and allowed us to keep progressing on time and most importantly on budget. The pool being knocked over in one morning was also a great boost for our clients, during a stage of the build that has previously been very slow and laborious”.


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The pool really acts as the center piece of the extension, with a clear line of sight to the water being maintained throughout, which was another critical consideration during the design process. Julie from Plot said “I’ve now opted for the Plungie on several projects, and in an out-of-ground scenario it’s such a great solution. It allows me to clearly define my design around the pool knowing exactly what I’m working with”. Plungie provides the ultimate blank canvas that can be added to and enhanced creating seamless integration with the external aesthetic of the home as well as the interior design. This beautifully finished product really speaks for itself, showcasing the versatility and efficiencies that can be created for both Builder and Architect when working with Plungie.


Project Name: Framont / The Yellow House Reno

Builder: Ultibuild

Architect: Plot Architecture

Interior Designer: Blok Design Co

Plungie Model: Plungie Max

EcoFinish: Blue Lagoon

Surrounding Pool Tiles: Ash Marbalano tiles by The Pool Tile Company

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Ultibuild X PLOT - 3000px-1006932

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