Lucky number 7 for Sandbox Properties and Hutchinson Builders

September 12, 2022

Here at Plungie, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Gold Coast developer, Sandbox Properties, on a number of their luxury, multi-residental developments. We recently caught up with Director, Jack Tarrant, to capture his experience installing several Plungies simultaneously on their most recent, seven-lot Marella development.  

The main reasons we worked with Plungie on this project was focused on design and quality. We needed to, first of all, [find] a pool that would fit within the space out here. And we needed a product that was of a high enough quality to suit the project itself. So, when we went with Plungie, the sizes were just absolutely perfect for this development and the Plungie pool shells actually allow you to have more space within the terrace area so you can give more back and essentially still keep that same, high-quality pool.” 

Within a small terrace area, the challenge was how to fit a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing pool without taking up too much precious outdoor space.  


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“The design of the space came about trying to find the most efficient way to include these really nice pools within a small terrace area.  We were able to use these pools and essentially double them up, using all of the walls for all different purposes. The pool itself actually acts as semi retaining as like a finishing area. 

In order to prepare the sites for a simple installation, the builders, Hutchinson, cut down a large trench which the engineers then worked to build up a landing pad. From there it was essentially-drag and drop. 

Again, this is not the first time Jack and the Sandbox team have worked with Plungie with their Marlowe development also featuring seven Plungie’s.  

Jack continued, “We did one just up the road here — just at the canal about 200 meters up, very similar scenario. We had seven pools going in all along the canal front. It was just super easy, [Plungie are] such a well-oiled machine and, working with Hutchison Builders is really, really easy.”  

In our eyes, ‘easy’ may have been an understatement, as the installs were completed in near-record time.  

“I think we had all seven pools in by lunchtime. That was the big showstopper [that] you just you couldn't do that with any other product, or in-situ, or just any other way. It's just absolutely perfect.” 

This again goes to show the beauty of Plungie lies in its simplicity; the endless possibilities afforded to builders and developers through our four patented pool sizes. While the size of the pool is determined, the possibilities for efficiency and streamlining the process really are endless; hindered only by the developer’s creativity and ambition.   

Congratulations to Jack and the Sandbox team for another stunning development! While our products may be a game changer for builders and developers world-over, we are equally impressed in seeing the ingenious ways the installation process is tweaked and streamlined by our clients.