Plungie Saddles Up for the 2022 Chain Reaction Challenge

March 11, 2022 2 minute read

Plungie are again proud to be supporting the Chain Reaction Challenge in 2022. The challenge takes place later this month, with 50 riders participating in the Chain Reaction 2022 Brisbane 7 Day Challenge. This charity ride raises funds for young children with autism and at-risk youth.

At its core, the Chain Reaction Challenge is a long-distance cycling event that challenges senior executives with a passion for cycling to raise money for sick children. In the 2022 Brisbane 7 Day Challenge, riders complete a 1,000-kilometre course across 7 days through Tasmania's rough and rugged terrain.

About the Ride

The Chain Reaction 2022 Brisbane 7 Day Challenge starts on the 26th of March, with riders starting their journey in the vibrant hub of Launceston, before travelling south through the Tasmanian highlands to Hobart. Day 4 of the challenge brings a 185km ride with 3000m of climbing! And finally, to conclude the 7-day challenge, a rigorous climb up Mount Wellington.

Our Goal

Plungie's Ned Petrovic is again participating in the Chain Reaction Challenge. Here’s what he had to say:

I won't sugar coat it, it's gruelling and mentally challenging at times, but so so rewarding. A huge thank you to all the incredible friends, family & colleagues who made last year such a cracker. The $816,000 our team raised for AEIOU and Traction has gone an incredibly long way and we're ready to do it all again!

In 2022, with an additional 20 riders on board, the fundraising goal has been increased to $1 million. Friends, families and colleagues can show their support by donating (sponsoring) individual riders such as Ned or they can donate to the cause directly at the Chain Reaction Foundation.

Charity Partners

The Brisbane 7 Day Challenge raises funds to support amazing organisations that are helping those who can’t help themselves. The charity partners for this ride are the AEIOU Foundation and TRACTION. Read more about the life-changing work they do below:

AEIOU Foundation

The AEIOU Foundation gives young children with autism the support, attention and care they rightly deserve. AEIOU is one of Australia’s largest providers of autism-specific early intervention, with 11 centres located across Queensland, South Australia and the ACT. Services and programs provided by AEIOU supports young children between the ages of 2-6 develop life skills that will benefit their lives and participation at home, school, in the workforce and community.

Funds raised by the 2022 Chain Reaction Challenge, in partnership with Buchan Group Architects and Hutchinson Builders will help design and build a new autism facility for Queensland’s Springfield-Ipswich community. Once completed, the new AEIOU Camira Centre will be a first-class 40 placement centre which includes four early intervention classrooms, a motor skills therapy room, consulting/telehealth rooms, a community meeting/training facility, dedicated research rooms, external learning environments and children’s playgrounds. Both physical and digital services will be available to assist local and regional families, delivering increased choice and flexibility for families.


TRACTION is an organisation known for its early intervention program that empowers youth in a safe environment that’s supported by mentors. Here, the young people can take control of their future by building their resilience, teamwork and leadership skills. Participants can meet their potential which in turn contributes to a healthy, positive and sustainable lifestyle for themselves, their families and communities, all the while alleviating pressure off the justice, welfare and healthcare systems.

The positive outcomes, self-esteem and confidence gained by the youth comes from participating in skill-building activities in TRACTION’s flagship ‘Bicycle Build’ program. The ‘Bicycle Build’ program gives young people the opportunity to gain experience in bicycle building, repair, restoration, and maintenance. Participants get to keep their completed bikes at the program’s end. However, the ‘Bicycle Build’ program is so much more than the bikes, it’s through the program that young people engage in positive experiences, develop and achieve goals, experience success and even form friendships.

The Countdown’s On!

The big ride is just under two weeks away! Our riders are clocking in extra kilometres in their spare time in preparation of the week-long challenge. As they embark on the physical and mental challenge, the team won’t lose sight of raising funds for a great cause. Here's to our incredible team, stunning scenery and raising some serious funds for AEIOU and Traction. Wish us luck!

To find out more about the ride and to show your support, please click here.

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