Every Australian
deserves a pool.

We’re a Brisbane-based company that, only a few years ago, set out to disrupt what’s been an antiquated and outdated industry: pools.

We developed a range of pre-cast, prefabricated concrete plunge pools, that have become affectionately known as Plungies.

Our Plungie is an award-winning, world-first product that’s pioneering the future of swimming pools; bringing the fastest, easiest and highest quality concrete pool to the market.

Our pools aren’t just an innovative product solution, they’re a revolutionary process solution that gives builders more control over their projects and Australians a faster, easier, and more often than not, cost-effective solution for a premium concrete swimming pool. 

Being a young company, we’re ambitious and see the value of partnerships.

We have an exclusive partnership with Wagners—the global leader in advanced precast concrete technologies—which has enabled us to scale and have the leading pool production capacity and lead time in Australia.

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Every Plungie is manufactured in quality controlled facility in Brisbane - we know to the gram how much steel and concrete is in it. This controlled factory environment allows us to produce a proven and tested concrete product that's regularly performance tested to ensure consistency. This means our customers get exactly what they've paid for.

We believe pools are the heartbeat of the Australian backyard. They're the sound of Summer; the sound of families and children enjoying where they live.

Plungie is not just a pool... Plungie is a hot Christmas spent in the backyard, playing classic catches in the pool. It’s fun, it’s family time, it’s memory-making - which is why we want to make pool ownership a possibility for more Australians. 

We hope to ensure future generations will remember growing up with a pool.